Womens Road Bikes – 5 Quick Tips On Choosing The Best Road Bikes for Women

Womens Road Bikes Made Simple

Call me a crazy girl but if you are here and you are interested in buying womens road bikes I’m guessing that you’re a woman! :) Great! So does you being a woman have an effect on what type of womens road bikes you should be looking at?

Giordano Libero Womens Road Bike

Giordano Libero Womens Road Bike

Well, the simple answer is yes. It certainly does.

[I’ve already gone through the physical differences between a mens and womens in a previous post so you might want to check out that article on the site.]

OK, now that’s out of the way we need to look at the ins and outs of buying womens road bikes.

There are many different reasons why you and other women may be looking to buy a bike. Maybe it’s getting fit, seeing sights at a slower pace or just feeling at one with your surroundings while travelling, rather than being boxed up in your car. But it’s important to know if you do not get the right womens road bikes to suit you, you may find that bike journey being very uncomfortable and your whole road bike experience being tarnished.

Now we don’t want that to happen so here’s some basic tips you can apply to your search for the ideal women’s road bikes.

Womens Road Bikes Tips Number 1 – Set Your Price Range

Set a budget and stick to it. When you are trying to figure out which womens road bike is right for you you need to make sure that you know what your price limit is.

There are many different brands and types of womens road bikes and the prices differ greatly.

If you’re just starting off, I wouldn’t spend more than $500. If you’re more experienced you can move in to the more price range that slips easily into the thousands of dollars!

When you’re in your local bike store dealing with a salesperson you should make sure that you are upfront with them about your budget. This saves everyone’s time and money.

It has to be said that one of the best things about shopping for womens road bikes online is that many of the  sites will allow you to select the highest price that you are willing to pay and then only show you road bikes women that fit within your budget.

So remember, whether shopping for your bike in a local bike store or online, choose your budget and stick to it.

Womens Road Bikes Tips Number 2 – Which Brand of Bike Do You Want?

There are dozens of brands of womens road bikes. Some are good…so not so good. But how do you tell what’s the right one for you? Are you looking for GIANT  wome’s Road bikes? Maybe TREK womens road bikes? Or how about FUJI womens road bikes?

It’s OK if you’re not sure. Just follow this simple step and you’ll get the best brand of road bikes womens for you.

Start off by checking womens road bikes reviews online and see which brand is getting the best reviews. It won’t take much digging as there are only a handful of big names out there. See what actual users of the bikes say about their womens road bikes. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn just by looking at customer reviews.

One of the most popular is the range of GMC Denali Womens Road Bikes

Decide which brand of bike you trust and you want to invest in.

By doing this basic research you are going to allow yourself a smaller pool of bikes to choose from and this will make your decision a whole lot easier. You’ll also enjoy the added  peace of mind as you’re basing your decision on actual customer reviews rather than sales pitches from womens road bike manufactuers or sellers.

GMC Denali Womens Road Bikes

GMC Denali Womens Road Bikes

Womens Road Bikes Tips Number 3 – Check In Your Local Bike Store

Pop in to your local bike store and ask to see their range of women’s beginner road bike. Maybe put in a call first to save yourself a wasted journey as some stores have them, some don’t.

Remember you don’t have to buy the bike there and then but it’s good to get a feel of the bike so you’ll know if you’re comfortable on a womens road bike or not.

IMPORTANT:  If the store has a bike you like, go home and check the price online. You’ll be amazed at some of the womens bike deals available online. I’ve regularly seen savings of 50% and more…just crazy!

Womens Road Bikes Tips Number 4 – How Does It Fit?

Remember you don’t have to buy from your local store but if this is your first bike since you were a little kid then you will need to check women’s road bike sizing to ensure the one you eventually buy online will fit you.

As you know all us women are built differently so you should make sure to get fitted or at least work out your measurements before ordering on the internet. There are many womens bike size charts available online to help you with this…but it’s far better to get fit at a bike shop just to be sure.

By doing this you will ensure that you get the most enjoyment out of your womens road bike and that you won’t suffer any discomfort when you are cycling around enjoying the great outdoors.

Womens Road Bikes Tips Number 5 –Order Your Dream Bike!

Now that you’ve set your budget, done your research, picked your brand and been measured for your bike you will be able to order your dream women’s road bicycle with confidence.

Whether you buy through your local womens road bike store or through the internet…remember the savings!…make sure that you check for the best price and quality and get a womens road bike that ‘s the best of both.


Give yourself a round of Cosmopolitans! Having followed our advice you are sure to get the right womens road bike because in this article we have given you 5 tips on choosing the right womens road bike for you.

5 Tips for Choosing  Womens Road Bikes

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