Hybrid Bikes For Women: What Exactly Is a Women’s Hybrid Bike?

Hybrid Bikes for Women: Reasons To Buy a Women’s Hybrid Bike

There is a good reason that I recommend hybrid bikes for women to any of my friends who are starting out cycling. They really are the best of both worlds and perfect for helping you get around the city and go off-road to see how you like it!

Schwinn Crest Urban Women's Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Crest Urban Women’s Hybrid Bike

With the broad and somewhat confusing types of different womens bikes available these days it can be difficult to know exactly what sort of bike would suit us best.

You might want a bike for day-to-day use around town, but also something that can handle something a little tougher like a ride out in the country or a longer ride up hills, for example.

Ask most bicycle store staff and they’ll probably recommend choosing a mountain bike for your needs, but this type of womens bike isn’t really going to be the best solution for going to the shops. So what do you choose? The answer is truly is hybrid bikes for women.

Like many women who contact me, the last bike they rode was either a kids bike or their brothers/boyfriends bike. Unless you have been in the market for a new bike recently, there is a good chance that a “hybrid bike” means absolutely nothing to you. [Having said that, one friend asked me do they run on petrol and electricity :) ] Hybrid bikes are a relatively new way of looking at two wheels and managing to combine the best of a few different worlds: street bikes for women and women’s mountain bikes. Let me explain.

First off, hybrid bikes for women look quite similar to a women’s commuter bike. The riding position tends to be more upright, which really is the most comfortable way to ride if you are jaunting about town.

It is safer for your bike and also safer for you because sitting tall in the saddle gives a much better view of any traffic heading your way. Being able to see over the top of the car in front can also give you advanced warning of any problems on the road up ahead.

The frame design also makes it straightforward to attach a bicycle basket either on the handlebars or over the back wheel.

But a hybrid bike is built to do much more than look good and for popping to the shops. It is also the best choice for urban commuters.

Hybrid Bikes For Women

Schwinn Hybrid Bikes For Women

While many people use a mountain bike for getting to work in the morning (possibly as a result of poor advice from people who should know better!), this does have a couple of disadvantages.

Women’s mountain bikes, and mountain bikes in general, don’t have the most comfortable riding position or offer the best visibility in traffic.

It is also difficult to fix a bag or case to the bike as mountain bikers don’t bring basket loads of goodies on dirt tracks!

And last, but not least, it is often a problem arriving at work in a fit state! Mountain bikes are built for off-road riding, and so due to their fatter, knobbly tyres they tend to spray water and mud from the bike wheel onto you, the rider. Yuck!

This can especially be an issue if you can’t freshen up or change clothes when you get to work.

A hybrid bike solves all these problems and will give you a smooth ride into work.

Going off the Beaten Track with a Hybrid Bikes for Women

However, don’t think that women’s hybrid bikes are just for use on smooth city roads. Hybrid means exactly what you would expect-this sort of bike can adapt to a lot of different uses. This includes riding off-road.

Clearly the level of performance that you get isn’t going to match a top of the range mountain bike built for tackling trails, but it is certainly good enough for most of us who just want to have fun with their bike now and again, as well as using it for the practical stuff every day.

In my opinion the best hybrid bikes for women that are reasonably priced for beginners are made by Schwinn. Coming top of the pick at the moment is the Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike (700C Wheels)

If you check out the women’s hybrid bike reviews on Amazon you’ll see the majority agree with my choice of Schwinn Discovery Women’s Hybrid Bike as the best women’s hybrid bike too!

Hybrid Bikes for Women

Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru 1-Speed Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle

Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru 1-Speed Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle

So as I said at the start, for most women hybrid bikes for women are an excellent choice of bike to go with when getting back in the saddle so to speak! In fact, unless you really need that specialist piece of equipment, getting something that performs well, is practical, and offers comfort and security in all sorts of conditions , a womens hybrid bike would be the most sensible and economic choice for a new bike.

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