Cruiser Bikes For Women – 5 Tips For Buying The Right Womens Cruiser Bike

Cruiser Bikes For Women  Tips.

Cruiser Bikes For Women

HUFFY Cruiser Bikes For Women

There’s no denying that us girls look gorgeous cycling a bike. Add in the beach, a surfboard and cruiser bikes for women and we’re hotter than hot! With their fat tyres, large comfortable saddle and sweptback handlebars beach bikes for women are the perfect easygoing ride you need while soaking up some rays and  breathing in that fresh sea air.

But before we rush into things, there are a number of points we should check out before handing over our hard earned cash. I’ll list the five most important things I recommend all my girlfriends to be sure about before buying cruiser bikes for women.

Cruiser Bikes For Women  Tip. 1- Set A Budget (and Stick To It!)

I know, I know…setting a budget takes the fun out of a lot of things but it really is a vital piece of information to have before buying online or in the local bike store. In fact, it’s so important I’m going to say it again…you need to set a budget and stick to it!

When it comes to cruiser bikes for women there are hundreds of different models out there with a wide variety of prices. By simply deciding a budget before you go looking it will really reduce the time wasted looking at bikes. In my experience anyone should be able to buy the ideal brand name womens beach cruiser bikes anywhere between $150-$399. Either way you look at it, it’s cheaper than the average gym membership!

Cruiser Bikes For Women  Tip 2- Do Your Research

The next thing you need to figure out is exactly what type of women’s cruiser bike you want. Have a look online and check out the various types available.

Another great thing about researching online is you can read the customer comments to see what people thought of their purchase. There are plenty of times I’ve helped one of my girls avoid a disaster because I checked the women’s cruiser bike reviews of the ladies cruiser bikes they had their heart set on. (If only I’d done that before I spend a fortune on a little black dress I thought I couldn’t go wrong with…it turned out I could go wrong!)
Don’t just check out the 5 star reviews, look at the 1 and 2 stars too and see what the problems were.

Pacific Cycle Women's Oceanside Bicycle (Light Blue)

Pacific Cycle Women’s Oceanside Bicycle (Light Blue)

Also remember to check out the different versions of women’s cruiser bikes available. For me there’s simply nothing worse than buying an item and then learning that a better, newer, more improved version has already been released. (Don’t remind me…I bought an IPhone 3S about 5 weeks before the IPhone 4 was released GRRRR!)

Now I do realise that a bicycle is not like a cell phone and won’t become obsolete that quickly (if ever) but stronger, lighter frames, improved brakes or a more comfortable ride are always things to be on the lookout for.

Cruiser Bikes For Women  Tip 3- To Get Fit, Get Fitted!

A lot of the ladies I’ve dealt with over the years were not aware of this so I’ll say it just to be obvious…cruiser bikes for women come in various sizes, not just kids and adults!

And as already mentioned in my post “Womens Bikes – 2 Important Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Womens Bike” it is vitally important to get a bike that fits your body. If it doesn’t fit you, it will be uncomfortable to use…which means you won’t use it as often as you could so your dreams of getting bikini fit won’t happen!

It’s easy to get measured for a bike, just visit your local bike store and ask to be measured for a womens beach cruiser bike. When you do this it will allow you to be certain that you get the bike that is fitted properly for you. Don’t feel the need to buy the bike there and then, you can save a small fortune buying cruiser bikes for women online. See my post on Buying Womens Bikes Online.

Cruiser Bikes For Women  Tip 4- Try Before You Buy It

This step is not always possible, but if you have a local bike store that stocks the womens cruiser bike you want to buy, see if you can take it for a quick test run. This will confirm for you that the bike is comfortable and the right size for you.

If the person running the bike shop knows their stuff then the bike should be the perfect fit. OK, you may not be on the beach trying out your women’s beach cruiser bike to give it a proper trial but a short cycle will tell you if it’s the right fit or model of bike for you.

Cruiser Bikes For Women  Tip 5- How Do You Look?

Not very important for some of us girls I know but the look and color of a bike can mean a lot to others. It may be possible to get cruiser bikes for women in your favourite colour but sometimes these colours are just not available.

Make sure how important this is to you before you decide on a bike. My friend Allison bought a lime green bike and after a couple of days hated the sight of it. She nearly sold it for half the price about a month later until I told her she could always paint it…now it’s the color of the ocean and she loves it!

Also be aware that different brands have different shapes and styles. A schwinn womens cruiser bike has a different style to say a women’s Polaris IQ cruiser bike.

Polaris IQ Cruiser Bike

Polaris IQ Cruiser Bike

So that’s about all I can recommend when it comes to cruiser bikes for women. I know a lot of it applies to womens bikes in general but it’s no harm mentioning it over and over.

It may be a small price when compared to buying a car but buying a bike is still an investment both in money and time. That’s why I do my research first and my buying online. You’d be amazed at the savings myself and my girlfriends have made simply by shopping on line for our cruiser bikes for women.

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Cruiser Bikes For Women Tips

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