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This isn't me working on my computer!

Hi, I’m Melissa from Womens Bike Advice. I started cycling over 10 years ago as a way to get fit…but mainly because my piece of junk car wouldn’t start and I couldn’t afford to get it fixed! I hopped on my little brothers mountain bike and away I went.

As I started to cycle more and more I decided I’d spend the money on buying a bicycle rather than paying to fix my car. As the weeks passed I felt fitter and looked better than ever. People in work started asking me my secret and I found myself becoming a real advocate for cycling.

Womens Bike Advice

As the weeks turned into months I started answering more and more questions about bikes and as I’d done a ton of research online before buying my own womens bike I realised I’d become somewhat of an office expert on bicycles and what to look for…especially for my girlfriends and particularly what women need in a bike.

Since then I’ve helped literally hundreds of people on online forums and discussion boards with questions they have regarding bikes, I’ve helped out my friends, relatives and neighbours to pick the perfect bike for their requirements…much to the pleasure of the local bike guy! In fact he liked it so much he offered me a commission :)

While helping women all over the world I realised the same issues were comign up again and again. So I decided to launch a website dedicated to womens bikes to help other sisters around the world discover the joys of cycling.

I hope you enjoy my Womens Bike Advice site as much as I enjoy working on it and if you want to drop me a line or have a question please don’t hesitate to ask.

Love Melissa B.


Womens Bike Advice


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