Bike Helmets for Women

Bike Helmets for Women. While the temptation to get on your bike and leave the car at home is a great reason to cycle, it is important to do so safely. Getting the right gear makes biking fun but also much less dangerous. Nowhere is this more true than headgear…especially bike helmets for women.

Bike Helmets for Women

Bike Helmet for Women

Bike helmets for women have come a long way in the last few years, so it makes sense to pick something that will keep you safe when you enjoy your time in the saddle.

What Sort of Bike Helmets for women?

Nobody really needs reminding about the importance of a good helmet. It truly is the difference between a few cuts and bruises and something much more serious. Trust me, I know!

Many women don’t wear helmets for different reasons. It might be a question of style or simply comfort.

Fortunately, there are solutions for everyone.

In the same way that it has become possible to get a bike that is fun and functional, you can certainly find a helmet that is both comfortable and practical. But believe me there are plenty of bike helmets for women available nowadays to meet everyone’s expectations. And if it looks good as well, there really isn’t any reason not to strap it on!

These days bike helmets for women come in a vast range of types and colours. The only important thing not to forget is that the helmet is certified. This means that it has a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) sticker inside. If this is the case, and it should be for anything sold from a reputable vendor, the rest is all about what fits and what you want.

Modern or Classical Bike Helmets for Women?

Classic Bike Helmet for Women

Classic Bike Helmet for Women

Most cyclists probably think of the sort of thing worn by professional riders when they imagine bike helmets for women.

These light-weight versions are certainly excellent, as they should be. Many manufacturers produce top of the range headgear that is built to stand up to falling off road bikes at high speed or coming off your mountain bike halfway down a track.

If this is the sort of riding you will be doing, you should look at this sort of model of bike helmets for women. It should both light and comfortable. They are often vented to let the air circulate too and keep you cool during long rides.

When it comes to bike helmets for women it is very important here to get a tight fit. Something that will slip off is no use at all. This means that you need to measure you head and get fitted with something that is made for you. A specific women’s model is much better than a men’s helmet too.

But what about the rest of us who don’t need to look like a potential Tour de France winner? What kind of bike helmets for women are available for us?

Well, in the same way that bikes for women have really taken on board that looks are important, so have women’s bicycle helmets.

There are some great old-school bike helmets for women options from companies like Bern. This is perfect if your bike is something like a beach cruiser. Or if you ride a city bike or traditional Dutch Bike, a vintage-looking helmet will fit in perfectly as well.

Bern Macon Summer EPS Helmet

Bern Macon Summer EPS Helmet…available in different colours

It is easy to find bike helmets for women that look traditional but perform with the best in modern technology like foam inserts for comfort or wicking materials to keep cool.

Picking bike helmets for women is important for road safety as we all know. But it doesn’t have to be a necessary evil, either uncomfortable or ugly.

You can find a whole range of options made especially for women without sacrificing comfort or looks and that will enhance your riding pleasure as well as keeping you safe.

Bike Helmets for Women

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Getting Back in The Saddle!

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I posted as I had a little “incident” just over 4 months ago.

Use a Helmet

Use a Helmet!

Let’s just say I learned what happens when a nice shiny car being driven by an idiot hits someone on a nice shiny bicycle.

I won’t mention the pins and plates or the loss of my laptop and all the info that wasn’t backed up (almost the worst part of it!).

What I will say is that wearing a bicycle helmet is the very best advice I can give you.

It’s a life saver…regardless of what all the “anti-helmet” crowd say.

So I have a new bike I’m waiting to get going on and new “rewritten” posts to add to the site so keep you eyes peeled over the next few weeks for some fresh articles!

Love, Melissa x

P.S. Wear a Helmet!…and back up your data ;)

*UPDATE 2013* Turns out I was a little optimistic back in August 2012! It’s now April 2013 and I am officially back on 2 wheels and back posting too.

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Hybrid Bikes For Women: What Exactly Is a Women’s Hybrid Bike?

Hybrid Bikes for Women: Reasons To Buy a Women’s Hybrid Bike

There is a good reason that I recommend hybrid bikes for women to any of my friends who are starting out cycling. They really are the best of both worlds and perfect for helping you get around the city and go off-road to see how you like it!

Schwinn Crest Urban Women's Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Crest Urban Women’s Hybrid Bike

With the broad and somewhat confusing types of different womens bikes available these days it can be difficult to know exactly what sort of bike would suit us best.

You might want a bike for day-to-day use around town, but also something that can handle something a little tougher like a ride out in the country or a longer ride up hills, for example.

Ask most bicycle store staff and they’ll probably recommend choosing a mountain bike for your needs, but this type of womens bike isn’t really going to be the best solution for going to the shops. So what do you choose? The answer is truly is hybrid bikes for women.

Like many women who contact me, the last bike they rode was either a kids bike or their brothers/boyfriends bike. Unless you have been in the market for a new bike recently, there is a good chance that a “hybrid bike” means absolutely nothing to you. [Having said that, one friend asked me do they run on petrol and electricity :) ] Hybrid bikes are a relatively new way of looking at two wheels and managing to combine the best of a few different worlds: street bikes for women and women’s mountain bikes. Let me explain.

First off, hybrid bikes for women look quite similar to a women’s commuter bike. The riding position tends to be more upright, which really is the most comfortable way to ride if you are jaunting about town.

It is safer for your bike and also safer for you because sitting tall in the saddle gives a much better view of any traffic heading your way. Being able to see over the top of the car in front can also give you advanced warning of any problems on the road up ahead.

The frame design also makes it straightforward to attach a bicycle basket either on the handlebars or over the back wheel.

But a hybrid bike is built to do much more than look good and for popping to the shops. It is also the best choice for urban commuters.

Hybrid Bikes For Women

Schwinn Hybrid Bikes For Women

While many people use a mountain bike for getting to work in the morning (possibly as a result of poor advice from people who should know better!), this does have a couple of disadvantages.

Women’s mountain bikes, and mountain bikes in general, don’t have the most comfortable riding position or offer the best visibility in traffic.

It is also difficult to fix a bag or case to the bike as mountain bikers don’t bring basket loads of goodies on dirt tracks!

And last, but not least, it is often a problem arriving at work in a fit state! Mountain bikes are built for off-road riding, and so due to their fatter, knobbly tyres they tend to spray water and mud from the bike wheel onto you, the rider. Yuck!

This can especially be an issue if you can’t freshen up or change clothes when you get to work.

A hybrid bike solves all these problems and will give you a smooth ride into work.

Going off the Beaten Track with a Hybrid Bikes for Women

However, don’t think that women’s hybrid bikes are just for use on smooth city roads. Hybrid means exactly what you would expect-this sort of bike can adapt to a lot of different uses. This includes riding off-road.

Clearly the level of performance that you get isn’t going to match a top of the range mountain bike built for tackling trails, but it is certainly good enough for most of us who just want to have fun with their bike now and again, as well as using it for the practical stuff every day.

In my opinion the best hybrid bikes for women that are reasonably priced for beginners are made by Schwinn. Coming top of the pick at the moment is the Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike (700C Wheels)

If you check out the women’s hybrid bike reviews on Amazon you’ll see the majority agree with my choice of Schwinn Discovery Women’s Hybrid Bike as the best women’s hybrid bike too!

Hybrid Bikes for Women

Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru 1-Speed Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle

Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru 1-Speed Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle

So as I said at the start, for most women hybrid bikes for women are an excellent choice of bike to go with when getting back in the saddle so to speak! In fact, unless you really need that specialist piece of equipment, getting something that performs well, is practical, and offers comfort and security in all sorts of conditions , a womens hybrid bike would be the most sensible and economic choice for a new bike.

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Womens Road Bikes – 5 Quick Tips On Choosing The Best Road Bikes for Women

Womens Road Bikes Made Simple

Call me a crazy girl but if you are here and you are interested in buying womens road bikes I’m guessing that you’re a woman! :) Great! So does you being a woman have an effect on what type of womens road bikes you should be looking at?

Giordano Libero Womens Road Bike

Giordano Libero Womens Road Bike

Well, the simple answer is yes. It certainly does.

[I’ve already gone through the physical differences between a mens and womens in a previous post so you might want to check out that article on the site.]

OK, now that’s out of the way we need to look at the ins and outs of buying womens road bikes.

There are many different reasons why you and other women may be looking to buy a bike. Maybe it’s getting fit, seeing sights at a slower pace or just feeling at one with your surroundings while travelling, rather than being boxed up in your car. But it’s important to know if you do not get the right womens road bikes to suit you, you may find that bike journey being very uncomfortable and your whole road bike experience being tarnished.

Now we don’t want that to happen so here’s some basic tips you can apply to your search for the ideal women’s road bikes.

Womens Road Bikes Tips Number 1 – Set Your Price Range

Set a budget and stick to it. When you are trying to figure out which womens road bike is right for you you need to make sure that you know what your price limit is.

There are many different brands and types of womens road bikes and the prices differ greatly.

If you’re just starting off, I wouldn’t spend more than $500. If you’re more experienced you can move in to the more price range that slips easily into the thousands of dollars!

When you’re in your local bike store dealing with a salesperson you should make sure that you are upfront with them about your budget. This saves everyone’s time and money.

It has to be said that one of the best things about shopping for womens road bikes online is that many of the  sites will allow you to select the highest price that you are willing to pay and then only show you road bikes women that fit within your budget.

So remember, whether shopping for your bike in a local bike store or online, choose your budget and stick to it.

Womens Road Bikes Tips Number 2 – Which Brand of Bike Do You Want?

There are dozens of brands of womens road bikes. Some are good…so not so good. But how do you tell what’s the right one for you? Are you looking for GIANT  wome’s Road bikes? Maybe TREK womens road bikes? Or how about FUJI womens road bikes?

It’s OK if you’re not sure. Just follow this simple step and you’ll get the best brand of road bikes womens for you.

Start off by checking womens road bikes reviews online and see which brand is getting the best reviews. It won’t take much digging as there are only a handful of big names out there. See what actual users of the bikes say about their womens road bikes. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn just by looking at customer reviews.

One of the most popular is the range of GMC Denali Womens Road Bikes

Decide which brand of bike you trust and you want to invest in.

By doing this basic research you are going to allow yourself a smaller pool of bikes to choose from and this will make your decision a whole lot easier. You’ll also enjoy the added  peace of mind as you’re basing your decision on actual customer reviews rather than sales pitches from womens road bike manufactuers or sellers.

GMC Denali Womens Road Bikes

GMC Denali Womens Road Bikes

Womens Road Bikes Tips Number 3 – Check In Your Local Bike Store

Pop in to your local bike store and ask to see their range of women’s beginner road bike. Maybe put in a call first to save yourself a wasted journey as some stores have them, some don’t.

Remember you don’t have to buy the bike there and then but it’s good to get a feel of the bike so you’ll know if you’re comfortable on a womens road bike or not.

IMPORTANT:  If the store has a bike you like, go home and check the price online. You’ll be amazed at some of the womens bike deals available online. I’ve regularly seen savings of 50% and more…just crazy!

Womens Road Bikes Tips Number 4 – How Does It Fit?

Remember you don’t have to buy from your local store but if this is your first bike since you were a little kid then you will need to check women’s road bike sizing to ensure the one you eventually buy online will fit you.

As you know all us women are built differently so you should make sure to get fitted or at least work out your measurements before ordering on the internet. There are many womens bike size charts available online to help you with this…but it’s far better to get fit at a bike shop just to be sure.

By doing this you will ensure that you get the most enjoyment out of your womens road bike and that you won’t suffer any discomfort when you are cycling around enjoying the great outdoors.

Womens Road Bikes Tips Number 5 –Order Your Dream Bike!

Now that you’ve set your budget, done your research, picked your brand and been measured for your bike you will be able to order your dream women’s road bicycle with confidence.

Whether you buy through your local womens road bike store or through the internet…remember the savings!…make sure that you check for the best price and quality and get a womens road bike that ‘s the best of both.


Give yourself a round of Cosmopolitans! Having followed our advice you are sure to get the right womens road bike because in this article we have given you 5 tips on choosing the right womens road bike for you.

5 Tips for Choosing  Womens Road Bikes

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Womens Mountain Bikes – 5 Things To Remember When Buying a Women’s Mountain Bike

Are You Looking at Buying Womens Mountain Bikes?

Women's Mountain Bike

Schwinn Ridge AL Women’s Mountain Bike

Mountain biking, like many sports, started off as the sole domain of men (dirty, hairy, sweaty men…I love ‘em!) but nowadays there are many different girls and women who just can’t get enough of mountain biking! You GO Girls! We needs womens mountain bikes.

But if you are a female mountain biker using bikes designed for men you may have found yourself in quite a mess by the end of a hard day riding around a mountain bike track…or a mountainside!

Let’s face it, us women are built differently to men and have very different needs when it comes to mountain bikes.

Below I’ll outline some basic things to consider before buying your womens mountain bikes.

Womens Mountain Bikes Tip Number 1 – Our Body Size

This is one of the few times in life where being smaller than men is an advantage!

As I am sure you already know, most women are physically smaller than men. (I said MOST, not all. My friend Allison is 5’ 10” in bare feet!) Since women are smaller than men it would only make sense that womens mountain bikes would need to be smaller too so that they can use the bike to it’s fullest potential without being uncomfortable.

Women’s mountain bike manufacturers have thought about this and have designed specialized women’s mountain bikes with smaller frames, better saddles and shorter handlebars that suit the female body in proportion. This is true of womens mountain bikes gear in general. It’s usually smaller, lighter and cheaper!

These simple changes to the design of the bike will allow you to easily enjoy your bike riding experience without lugging around a bike that’s too big and heavy for you to use properly…or safely.

Check out my post called “Women’s Bikes – 2 Important Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Women’s Bike” for more information on buying womens mountain bikes and altering a bike to fit you perfectly.

Womens Mountain Bikes Tip Number 2 – Lighter Weight

Diamondback 2013 Women's Lux Mountain Bike

Diamondback 2013 Women’s Lux Mountain Bike

I’m sure I’m not alone in this experience but have you ever tried to get on to a man’s mountain bike but found it quite difficult to use…or even move? If you’ve never cycled a womens mountain bikes before then you have no idea of the vast difference in weight and ease of use there is between a men’s and women mountain bike.

Most, if not all, quality women’s bikes including mountain bikes, are made of lighter material. This will reduce the weight and allows the woman riding the bike to handle it much easier. Add in the fact they’re better proportioned as mentioned above and you just know you’re going to enjoy the ride so much better than before.

Womens Mountain Bikes Tip Number 3 – To Crossbar or Not To Crossbar…

One other thing that you may notice is different on women mountain bikes is the top bar. You will see that a lot of men’s mountain bikes have a crossbar (between the saddle post and the handlebar post) and it’s almost horizontal with the ground. When you look at womens mountain bikes most of them are angled downward.

While these differences don’t affect or change the performance of the bike and of course you are able to ride any bike you want, this change in top bar just seems to work well with women. I also know some men who only cycle bikes with a slanted crossbar due to inevitable injuries that can be sustained if a guy were to slip off the saddle!

We as women need to consider this problem too. Trust me when I say IT WASN’T FUN when it happened to me. I actually traded in my mountain bike for one with no crossbar after having a particularly painful experience with one.

There is one unforeseen drawback to having no crossbar though. Most of the popular makes of bike carriers for cars need a crossbar to secure the bike to the rack!

But no need to worry. Necessity is the mother of invention and some clever person has invented detachable crossbars so you can use these racks with your no crossbar bike…saves you having to buy a new bike or a new bike rack!

Womens Mountain Bikes Tip Number 4 – The Saddle/Seat

Check out any womens mountain bikes reviews and you’ll discover one of the most crucial components when it comes to womens mountain bikes has nothing to do with the frame or proportions of the bike at all! It’s how the saddle is designed that’s important to a lot of ladies.

In general, the saddle for womens mountain bikes, and women’s bicycles in particular, is slightly wider and softer than a men’s saddle. Make sure when you’re checking out women’s bikes to see how they fit you (See post on “Women’s Bikes – 2 Important Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Women’s Bike” on why you need to do this) that you look at the seat closely because if you get a saddle that is for men the chances are you will find yourself being quite uncomfortable during and after a long journey.

A saddle designed for women is going to help you to be much more comfortable when you are on your cycling trip. This will be true whether you decide to make your way around on smooth road or uneven terrain. If you do not use the right seat you may find yourself sitting on soft cushions for quite a while after!

Now, it’s not the end of the world if you find the perfect bike for you at a great price but it has an uncomfortable saddle as it’s very easy to purchase a women’s saddle seperately.

Womens Mountain Bikes Tip Number 5 – Lower Price For Us!

Polaris 600RR Women's Mountain Bike

Polaris 600RR Women’s Mountain Bike

Not really a tip…more a happy surprise! When searching for womens mountain bikes in your local mountain bike store or on the web you will find that the majority of brands available for women are cheaper than men’s. Hurray!…bring on the champagne!

Why is this? I’ve no real idea but I have asked many store owners and the 2 main reasons I get are a) manufacturers are trying to get more mountain bike women to buy bikes so are making the prices more attractive…and b) bike shops sell more men’s bikes than womens mountains bikes so can offer discounts!

Either way we’re laughing all the way to the banks girls!

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What Are Womens City Bikes and Why Would You Want One?

Womens City Bikes: Stylish and Practical

The choice in women’s bikes is broad and getting bigger every day, and about time too! Now, if you are looking to go up (or down) mountains, road race or get off the beaten track completely, you need a bike that’s made for that purpose. But what if you just want something that is comfortable and practical; built for women and is the perfect choice for day-to-day stuff, like riding to the store or around the city? Welcome to the wonderful world of womens city bikes.

Sillgey Belle Women's City Bike

Sillgey Belle Womens City Bikes

Womens city bikes might bring to mind images of those old-fashioned black, frumpy looking machines that have been around for what seems like centuries! We used to call them Aunt Nellie bikes when we were kids! Neither particularly comfortable nor practical, and not very good-looking either, these womens city bikes are a world away from the range of city bikes for women that are available for us girls today. There really are some great choices on the market currently that combine the stylish classic looks with modern technological advantages.

So what makes women’s bikes a Womens city bikes?

There are a couple of things. First off, your riding position is fairly upright. That means you won’t be leaning over the handlebars like you would be on a road bike for example. And let’s be honest, it’s hard to look stylish and graceful while hunched over the handlebars of a bike! So this upright cycling position makes things nice and comfortable for us, but it also has another big advantage over road bikes. Women’s city bikes are made to be used in town and that means traffic. It’s kind of obvious but if you want to ride safely, it is important to be able to see exactly where you are going. An upright riding position on a women’s city bike means you can see over the roof of the car in front and also be seen by other road users. A small but significant difference when it comes to sharing the road with car users.

Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru 1-Speed Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle

Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru 1-Speed Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle

Another big advantage of  womens city bikes, (sometimes called women’s commuter bikes) especially when compared to a mountain bike, is that they are much cleaner to use. On most models of womens city bikes the oily bicycle chain is usually covered by a chain guard which keeps the grease off your clothes…which can be a killer to remove off those cream coloured linen trousers you love to wear during the summer!

Womens City Bikes also come with mud guards, or fenders, which do the same job with the wheels. They stop water and dirt splashing up from the wheels onto the back of your skirt or trousers. And YES! I did say skirt!!! That’s right. Most womens city bikes have a step-through design. The tubes (particularly the top tube) are lower and often curved, meaning that you can step through the frame rather than having to lift your leg over the top as you mount. Save the embarrassment of having to hike your skirt up too high before riding off into the sunset!

Womens City Bikes: A Women’s Bike That Actually Looks Good!

Okay, a bike that is practical is always a good thing, but it certainly shouldn’t be the only reason for making one choice of women’s bike over another. So why do so many of us girls just go out and buy a basic mountain bike that doesn’t look great and isn’t really right for jaunting around the town looking glamorous?

The solution (as if you didn’t already know) are womens city bikes! Womens city bikes are certainly a stylish way of getting around town.  Whether it is the traditional matt black frames, the distressed real leather saddles or genuine wicker baskets on the front, there is a sort of timeless class and elegant style associated with them. Sure, you might not be the fastest getting up that hill, but I’m guessing you are not planning to enter the Tour De France so the looks, comfort and practicality found in womens city bikes will trump pretty much everything else on the market.

Hollandia Amsterdam V 28 Bicycle

Hollandia Amsterdam V 28 Bicycle

Modern womens city bikes really do offer the best of two different worlds. As I said above choosing a bike because it looks great and has a classical style is fine. When you can also have modern design and manufacturing standards in a bike that is adapted to women’s physiques, things get even better. Personally I just love the 1930′s style Sillgey Belle Women’s Classic City Bike. It looks timelessly beautiful and you’d look fantastic on it wherever you go. On a more modest budget though you can’t go wrong with a Hollandia Amsterdam V 28 Bicycle. These women city bike have the classic European look that always remind me of old black and white movies.

One thing that comes up time and time again is manufacturers calling their bikes “city bikes” when they clearly aren’t. Most of them turn out to be more accurately called “hybrid bikes”, which are designed for both commuter trips and more off road journeys. They’ll have fatter tyres but smoother than mountain bike tyres. City Bikes have thin tyres, like a slightly fatter version of a racing bike tyre. This are easier to cycle as they don’t get an over enthusiastic grip on the road, which you don’t need unless you want to build up huge calf muscles!

Womens City Bikes Conclusion

So when it comes to womens city bikes, remember to think classic design with modern convenience. You’ll look just like you’ve cycled off the set of a beautiful old style black and white movie!

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Women’s Bicycles: Not Men’s Bicycles for Women!

Women’s Bicycles are Different…Just Like Women!

Bicycles really have come a long way in the last decade or so and there is a huge amount of choice in the market for women’s bicycles today. Despite this, it is amazing how many women just make do with riding around town on a men’s bike. This can make a great leisure activity pretty uncomfortable.

Mens Hybrid Bicycle

Mens Hybrid Bicycle…note the differences!

A surprising amount of women I talk to who are looking at new women’s bicycles, have not noticed or were never aware that women’s bicycles are different to men’s. The main thing they say is they thought womens bicycles were standard bicycles but painted in more feminine colors!

Well let me tell you, women’s bicycles ARE different. Why is this and what exactly makes them different from men’s bicycles?

First off, it isn’t just about size. A woman doesn’t need the same size bicycle as a man of the same height. Our proportions just aren’t the same. We have relatively shorter arms and torsos compared to our men folk and longer legs. This means that positions of everything from handlebars to pedals should really be slightly different to suit our body shape and dimensions. Even the size of the handlebars and brakes levers should be adapted for our smaller hands.

Diamondback Women's Bicycles

Diamondback Women’s Bicycles

Sadly, not all bicycle manufactures approach a women’s bicycle in the same way though. Some just use a smaller stock frame and a wider seat for example. But others, like Schwinn and Diamondback completely redesigned their women’s bicycles for women, using shorter top tubes and increasing seat tube angle. They also made simple changes like handlebar size and particularly the positioning of brakes and gear shifters for a smaller reach and smaller hands. Even the materials used can make a difference. Using lighter composites is a smart move for bicycle women. These basic alterations really can make a practical difference to female cyclists.

Women’s Bicycles Built With Women In Mind

As I said at the top of this post the choice for women is actually great if you are in the market for a new women’s bike. Whether you are searching for a road bike to put in some serious miles or something for a Sunday outing with the kids, there really is a very wide selection. If money is no object…more and more manufacturers are even starting to build bespoke bicycles, tailor-made for individual customers requirements but if you’re not interested in paying thousands some manufacturers at least offer a range of options for you to choose from. Obviously, this is a step above simply getting women bicycles, because you can actually get the bike that is designed for you and for your needs and aims.

Women’s Bicycles: Off The Rack

Just be aware all this is not essential before buying. As mentioned in my post “Women’s Bicycles, 2 Important Things to Know before Buying a Women’s Bike” with just a little research you’ll be able to find a bike that fits you perfectly…without spending a fortune on it!
Just keep in mind that bicycles should be fun (not stressful!) and choosing from a range of colors and styles should make it that! And let’s be honest most shopping is fun!..especially when you see the kinds of discounts you can get online!

Diamondback 2013 Women's Vital Two Sport Hybrid Bike

Diamondback 2013 Women’s Vital Two Sport Hybrid Bike

OK, that’s the standard women’s bicycles information but what if you are looking for a women’s bike that is a little less traditional than the road bike or comfort bike? You might also still think that the choice of bicycles for us girls is limited to racers or town bicycles. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Whatever style you are after, there is almost certainly something that exists to suit.

There are also quite a few models to think about for women, some familiar, some much less so.

How about this short list of women’s bicycles for starters:

• Racing bicycles – Think Tour De France
• Beach Cruisers – “Beach Babe Bicycles” as my friend Allison calls them
• Mountain bicycles – Tougher to handle the rocky terrain
• City comfort cycles – Mountain Bike with Smoother tyres!
• Hybrid bicycles – Most popular type of bike I recommend to beginners
• Folding Bicycles – very popular for commuters who drive some of the way
• Dutch Bicycles – popular classic design bicycles from Holland. PRICEY!!!
• BMX – Smaller, stunt based bicycles.
• Tandems – bicycle made for two! Great fun but maybe not practical!

And the list of women’s bicycles goes on! One thing all these different types of bicycles have in common is that they are all available in women’s bicycles versions.

I recommend you take a little time to look through some of the women’s bicycles mentioned above and check out some online reviews for the ones that catch your eye. The huge selection and style of these bicycles just goes to show just how much choice there is. Why settle for something that doesn’t look or feel quite right when there are so many excellent options out there?

Whatever type of women’s bike you decide to settle on, just make sure you do your research and you know you’ll be on the right track. Don’t forget to check women’s bicycle prices online too as the savings that can be made are phenomenal. I have helped literally hundreds of women to find and buy bicycle for women that are perfect for them and I have never found a bike that wasn’t available at a discount on the internet!

Womens HybridUrban Commuter Road Bicycle

Womens Hybrid/Urban/Commuter/ Road Bicycle

Also be sure to read the customer reviews that are normally available in the online bicycle stores. Don’t just read the five star one either. As a rule I’ll read about 5 of the top five reviews but I’ll read ALL of the 1 and 2 stars. You can really learn a lot of useful information by reading about any problems customers may have had as well as how they we’re sorted out.

So don’t go throwing away your hard earned cash to your local bike shop when with a few hours research online you can find the right women’s bicycles for you…at the right price too!

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Cruiser Bikes For Women – 5 Tips For Buying The Right Womens Cruiser Bike

Cruiser Bikes For Women  Tips.

Cruiser Bikes For Women

HUFFY Cruiser Bikes For Women

There’s no denying that us girls look gorgeous cycling a bike. Add in the beach, a surfboard and cruiser bikes for women and we’re hotter than hot! With their fat tyres, large comfortable saddle and sweptback handlebars beach bikes for women are the perfect easygoing ride you need while soaking up some rays and  breathing in that fresh sea air.

But before we rush into things, there are a number of points we should check out before handing over our hard earned cash. I’ll list the five most important things I recommend all my girlfriends to be sure about before buying cruiser bikes for women.

Cruiser Bikes For Women  Tip. 1- Set A Budget (and Stick To It!)

I know, I know…setting a budget takes the fun out of a lot of things but it really is a vital piece of information to have before buying online or in the local bike store. In fact, it’s so important I’m going to say it again…you need to set a budget and stick to it!

When it comes to cruiser bikes for women there are hundreds of different models out there with a wide variety of prices. By simply deciding a budget before you go looking it will really reduce the time wasted looking at bikes. In my experience anyone should be able to buy the ideal brand name womens beach cruiser bikes anywhere between $150-$399. Either way you look at it, it’s cheaper than the average gym membership!

Cruiser Bikes For Women  Tip 2- Do Your Research

The next thing you need to figure out is exactly what type of women’s cruiser bike you want. Have a look online and check out the various types available.

Another great thing about researching online is you can read the customer comments to see what people thought of their purchase. There are plenty of times I’ve helped one of my girls avoid a disaster because I checked the women’s cruiser bike reviews of the ladies cruiser bikes they had their heart set on. (If only I’d done that before I spend a fortune on a little black dress I thought I couldn’t go wrong with…it turned out I could go wrong!)
Don’t just check out the 5 star reviews, look at the 1 and 2 stars too and see what the problems were.

Pacific Cycle Women's Oceanside Bicycle (Light Blue)

Pacific Cycle Women’s Oceanside Bicycle (Light Blue)

Also remember to check out the different versions of women’s cruiser bikes available. For me there’s simply nothing worse than buying an item and then learning that a better, newer, more improved version has already been released. (Don’t remind me…I bought an IPhone 3S about 5 weeks before the IPhone 4 was released GRRRR!)

Now I do realise that a bicycle is not like a cell phone and won’t become obsolete that quickly (if ever) but stronger, lighter frames, improved brakes or a more comfortable ride are always things to be on the lookout for.

Cruiser Bikes For Women  Tip 3- To Get Fit, Get Fitted!

A lot of the ladies I’ve dealt with over the years were not aware of this so I’ll say it just to be obvious…cruiser bikes for women come in various sizes, not just kids and adults!

And as already mentioned in my post “Womens Bikes – 2 Important Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Womens Bike” it is vitally important to get a bike that fits your body. If it doesn’t fit you, it will be uncomfortable to use…which means you won’t use it as often as you could so your dreams of getting bikini fit won’t happen!

It’s easy to get measured for a bike, just visit your local bike store and ask to be measured for a womens beach cruiser bike. When you do this it will allow you to be certain that you get the bike that is fitted properly for you. Don’t feel the need to buy the bike there and then, you can save a small fortune buying cruiser bikes for women online. See my post on Buying Womens Bikes Online.

Cruiser Bikes For Women  Tip 4- Try Before You Buy It

This step is not always possible, but if you have a local bike store that stocks the womens cruiser bike you want to buy, see if you can take it for a quick test run. This will confirm for you that the bike is comfortable and the right size for you.

If the person running the bike shop knows their stuff then the bike should be the perfect fit. OK, you may not be on the beach trying out your women’s beach cruiser bike to give it a proper trial but a short cycle will tell you if it’s the right fit or model of bike for you.

Cruiser Bikes For Women  Tip 5- How Do You Look?

Not very important for some of us girls I know but the look and color of a bike can mean a lot to others. It may be possible to get cruiser bikes for women in your favourite colour but sometimes these colours are just not available.

Make sure how important this is to you before you decide on a bike. My friend Allison bought a lime green bike and after a couple of days hated the sight of it. She nearly sold it for half the price about a month later until I told her she could always paint it…now it’s the color of the ocean and she loves it!

Also be aware that different brands have different shapes and styles. A schwinn womens cruiser bike has a different style to say a women’s Polaris IQ cruiser bike.

Polaris IQ Cruiser Bike

Polaris IQ Cruiser Bike

So that’s about all I can recommend when it comes to cruiser bikes for women. I know a lot of it applies to womens bikes in general but it’s no harm mentioning it over and over.

It may be a small price when compared to buying a car but buying a bike is still an investment both in money and time. That’s why I do my research first and my buying online. You’d be amazed at the savings myself and my girlfriends have made simply by shopping on line for our cruiser bikes for women.

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Cruiser Bikes For Women Tips

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Womens Bikes – 2 Important Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Womens Bike

Womens Bike – Important Information To Know Before Spending a Cent

There are many different reasons why we buy a womens bike. We want to get fit, we want to get out of the house for a while, maybe see the world at a slower pace, or just save money on petrol. Or just maybe it’s because we look HOT cruising along the beach all tanned and fit and want to check out the cute surfers! Whatever our reasons for buying  women’s bikes it is very important to get some basic things worked out before we buy.

When is a womens bike not a womens bike? When it’s a pain in the behind!

Schwinn Crest Urban Women's Hybrid Bike The main complaint I hear from my girlfriends is that their womens bike are not as comfortable as they thought they’d be. And let’s be honest, if you’re not enjoying the ride it’s very likely you will give up and get fat watching TV and eating chips!

But with just a little preparation you can buy the prefect women bike and spend all the live long day pedalling around in style, looking good and feeling great.

The two main reasons that us girls may be uncomfortable on a womens bike is either a) we did not buy the correct size womens bike to suit our size or b) we did not buy the right type of womens bike for what we want to do.

Womens Bikes : The Correct Size Womens Bike For You

Before you do anything else you need to figure out what size of womans bike you need. Now, there are plenty of womens bike size charts available online but they deal with the average women and honey there is nothing average about you girlfriend 

So you need to go to your local bike shop and get fitted for a woman’s bike that suits you. Just like it is necessary to get measured properly for a bra, we need to get measured properly for a bike…although obviously there’s no need to remove clothing! And if the guy in the bike shop claims it is necessary to remove clothing then leave the shop as quickly as possible…unless he’s cute! Oh, and while you’re there get measured for bike helmets for women too.

Womens Bikes : Get The Right Type of  Womens Bike

The second thing we need to dicuss is what you want to do with your woman’s bike. Is it just for cycling to work in the city (Commuter/City Bike), cruising along on the beach (Beach Cruiser Bike), racing 100 km per day with Lance Armstrong (Road Bike) rushing down the side of a mountain (Mountain Bike) or maybe a little bike of commuting and a little bit of cruising (Hybrid Bike) …all while looking fabulous!

Schwinn Hybrid Womens Bike

Schwinn Hybrid Womens Bike: Perfect Bike For Starting Off

Starting off I got a hybrid bike as I knew I was going to be using it to cycle around the city and home to the ‘burbs but I also wanted to use the local cycle path in the forest nearby. It was able to handle these different terrains with ease and it made me more confident to try out other areas after a while. For me personally I know it’s the absolute best basic bike for women and I recommend them to all my girlfriends. Beach cruisers are great on the beach but you look a little out of place cycling one around the city while wearing work clothes…and those fat tyres get such a good grip it makes the smooth roads feel bumpy..and that’s just not fun!

Talk to the bike shop guy and he’ll steer you towards the best type of ladies bike suited to your needs.

Don’t be pressurised into buying a womens bike in that bike shop there and then. Remember you’re just doing some important research so you can get the right womens bike for you…and at the best price too! (Hey, a womans got to buy shoes you know!)

When I had just become interested in cycling I felt really guilty getting the bike guy to help me out yet not buying the bike off him…that changed when I saw the incredible discount I got by shopping online. And to be honest, the bike guy gets my business for repairs/maintenance and small items like tubes and stuff so he’s still making some nice cash out of me!

Anyway, when you get your bike it still needs some tweeking to get it just right. This is where I call in my brother/boyfriend/girlfriend for a little help but it’s perfectly possible to do it on your own with a simple allen key/wrench.

You need to adjust the height of the saddle so that when you are sitting on it with your foot on the peddle there should be a slight bend in your knee.

There’s many helpful videos online showing how to do this. My favourite is:

You might also want to adjust your handlebars/stem so your at the most comfortable position while cycling. Once again this is very simple and there are many online videos showing how to do this.

If you’re not comfortable doing this on your own and you don’t have a little brother/friend/neighbour who can help you out with this…bring your new bike to the local bike guy! He’ll charge you for the adjustments but it might ease your conscience if you’re still feeling a little guilty. I bet you don’t feel guilty thought once you saw how much money you saved buying online. Even after paying for the adjustments you’ll still be smiling and have enough money for that handbag you’ve been coveting!

Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru 1-Speed Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle

Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru 1-Speed Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle

So, there we have it ladies, two very simple things to work out before buying your first womens bike. How exciting! Just make sure you do your homework before buying your bike online and saving a ton of money. You’ll be sure of many years of enjoyable and comfortable cycling…and looking hot while doing it!

And if there’s one important thing to take away from this post it’s this…YOU LOOK HOT ON A WOMENS BIKE!

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